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Medal Of Honor Warfighter: Fight Online As A Nation

Danger Close have tried their level best to make Medal of Honor: Warfighter as realistic as possible.

Here’s a feature for the upcoming shooter that no one would have thought of. Warfighter will actually track the progress of players, highlighting them according to their nation.

We’re talking of 193 nations in total and that’s a lot. Now for the first time you will actually be fighting for and representing your country online.

Medal of Honor has six classes to play as online, and a possible 70 unique combinations within them. You can imagine every country having it’s own private e-army, so to speak.

The feature was announced by EA earlier today at Gamescom and so far has met well with fans.

With it’s aim to be as realistic as possible, Warfighter was based on some recent conflicts and hence has stepped on some toes. Will you be buying it when it’s released later this year?