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Mass Effect 3: Only 42% Of Players Completed It


BioWare has revealed that less than half of players have managed to complete Mass Effect 3.

The statistics were released by the firm at GDC where they said only 42% of total players saw Mass Effect 3 through to the end.

Previously with Mass Effect 2, the game was completed by 56% of players.

Fernando Melo, BioWare’s online development director mentioned that the rise in numbers for Mass Effect 2 was probably the fact that players started preparing for the third game.

That’s true to some extent, specially with the option of carrying your previously saved files into the new title, many players started playing Mass Effect 2 while waiting for part 3 to come out.

However, Mass Effect 3 is still a booming success for BioWare in terms of completion rate. The original Mass Effect saw to 40% players completing the game. Their Dragon Age: Origins title was only completed by 36% of gamers, while the sequel, Dragon Age 2 was seen to the end by 41% of players.

It actually amazes we that so many ended Dragon Age 2, that game was just plain horrific.