EA’s Origin Coming To Android, Facebook, Mac & Smart TVs

Currently Electronic Art’s Origin only provides digital media for the Windows and iOS alone. They however, plan to expand this to include other platforms as well.

Talking on stage during their Gamescom 2012 conference, Peter Moore from EA announced that Origin will be hitting Android, Facebook, Mac and Smart Tvs soon.

Origin is expected to land on the Mac by February of 2013. I personally am a bit hazzy about this since very few games of EA are ported to MAC. Even regarding Smart Tvs, how many people do you know who own a Smart Tv and would take advantage of this feature?

Moore also announced that achievements and free-to-play games will be coming to the service.

Origin was launched back in June of 2011. Currently it has more more than 21 million registered users, with nine million of them for the iOS.