DMC: New Trailer Features Vergil

Capcom did a surprise announcement for their upcoming Devil May Cry title at Gamescom earlier today. A new trailer released along with the announcement confirms the return of Dante’s twin brother Vergil.

Compared to Dante, Vergil is a bit more composed and more serious when it comes to demon hunting. He is also the leader of a demon-fighting rebel group called The Order.

So far it is not confirmed as to he will be playable in the game or not. I guess the chances are pretty high that he will be. Capcom wouldn’t announce him like that if he was only going to come in some cinematics and fight scenes. Vergil first made an appearance back in Devil May Cry 3 and was playable in the Special Edition.

Dante took a lot of hate for his new model design but I have to say that Vergil looks pretty great. Ninja Theory’s reboot, Devil May Cry will release next year on the 15th of January for the PS3 and Xbox 360.