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World of Tanks Brushed Off as “Cheap, Asian stuff” CEO expands on some of the trials and tribulations they went through when they started out.

World of Tanks is recognised as one the most successful MMO games out there, but did you know that when they were first going round publishers early on in their career, that they were brushed off for some rather cruel reasons.

Victor Kislyi, the CEO made some comments earlier at GDC Europe.

“They were very arrogant. There were a number of things it was called. It was described as cheap, Asian stuff. And things worse than that.”

“When this boxed business dies off, you know who’s going to pay for your advertising? Us.”

For a business that was apparently “cheap”, they’ve done pretty well for themselves. Stretching from just 120 staff to more than 1000 over the course of the last two years, and they still need more staff members!

“It’s totally not enough people,” Kislyi added. “We are stretched, and hiring like crazy.”

It’s good to see companies succeeding against the odds, especially when the seasoned professionals were convinced that they weren’t worth the effort. has gone very far in a short amount of time, and they’re still growing.

Source: Eurogamer