“Shad’O” Looks to Add Engaging Story to Tower Defense Genre

Earlier this month Okugi Studio released their first game Twist N’ Catch for Android and iPhone.  Now they look to release their first PC title called Shad’O.

Shad’O is a tower defense game that will have you following the story of nine year old William, a kid trapped in his own mind. Driven to figure out exactly what happened to him and his memories, he finds himself waging war against dark, creepy-looking enemies referred to as “Fog”.

He’ll have help from various companions along the way, encouraging him to fight “The Fog“ using different types of light units. Shad’O appears to be one of the few tower defense games that focuses heavily on narrative as well as slick graphics and game mechanics.

A price point hasn‘t been announced yet but we do know that the game will be made available on PC and Steam on September 4th.