Playstation Plus Members Recieve Closed Beta Invite for Dust 514

From August 21st to September 4th, Playstation Plus members will be able to play in the closed beta for Dust 514. This phase of the closed beta, is what CCP (the developers of Dust 514) like to call, the “precursor” release.

It will include the first live server integration of Dust 514 and its MMO counter part, EVE Online. As such, players will get to experience instant battle matchmaking, new environments, and CCP’s orbital strike framework.

Most of all, if you’re addicted to the mouse and keyboard for your first person shooter experience, then you’re in luck; as the option will now be available.

If you’re neither a Playstation Plus member, nor one of the lucky few to have received a closed beta invite for Dust 514, then you can purchase one of CCP’s Mercenary Packs.

With it, you’ll have unlimited testing access while also receiving several in game bonuses. Such as in-game currency, exclusive gear and skill boosts.