Persona 4: Golden Possible Release Date Revealed

Anonymous sources have told Siliconera that Persona 4: Golden will most probably be released in November of this year.

The PlayStation Vita version has been updated to include online enabled dungeon rescues, more personas, a ton of voice acting, team attacks/combos and a bonus story arc that takes place in winter.

Atlus has yet to announce any kind of release date, and so far they haven’t commented on the speculated November release as well.

Persona 4: Golden was released in Japan back in mid of June and saw to a great debut. The game sold 137,000 copies, which is a higher opening week than Persona 3 Portable, which debuted at 94,000 copies in 2009 on the PSP.

Interesting to note is that the game sold through 84.11% of its initial shipment in its first week. Of those 137,000 first-week sales, pre-orders represented 66.6%.

So will you be buying the game on your Vita? Or better yet will you be buying a Vita in order to play Persona 4?