Guide On How To Adopt A Puppy In The Ville

Puppies have arrived in the Ville and this guide will help you in getting your own mutt! Next time you log into the Ville you will be greeted with a new quest series and the option to build a doghouse in your yard.

Let’s start with the first of the two quests:

Emergency at Casey’s!

These are the objectives for this quest:

  • Collect 8 dog food
  • Visit Casey and ask her about her puppy.
  • Place your doghouse.

The puppy food can be collected easily by sending out requests to your friends to give some or by finding it randomly in cabinets. Do not use up all of your daily friend requests as you will need them to get the particulars you need for building the dog house. Specifically:

  • 10 wood
  • 5 hugs
  • 8 screwdrivers
  • 4 paint cans
  • 1 dog pillow

However for this quest you will only need to place the base of the doghouse to complete it. For completing this quest, you’ll earn two XP and 35 coins.

Now for part two of this quest series:

Prepping for puppy

  • Ask 4 neighbors for puppy advice.
  • Buy 2 trees.
  • Build the doghouse.

As mentioned before you will need to collect various items to build a doghouse. Items like wood planks and paint cans can be obtained from friends and posting on your wall respectively. The dog pillow is somewhat more trickier to get. You need to place a mail order to obtain it but just placing a mail order also requires other things, specifically:

  • 5 knowledge
  • 4 ribbon
  • 5 spools of thread

It will take 30 minutes for your mail order to arrive. For completing this quest, you’ll earn two XP and 35 coins.