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Farmville Jade Falls: Master Lu’s ‘Study’ Challenge Guide

Oho! So young one, you wish to assist me in the construction of my study? Quite generous of you! My study is a great place of learning and knowledge; perhaps if you do well I will reward you with Books from its hallowed shelves!

I have already provided you with the base of my library grasshopper! Place it wherever you wish (as long as it’s in Jade Falls that is. My old bones cannot commute to further locales). To construct the First level of my Study, you must obtain Ten Books, six Dowels and 6 Pieces of Parchment. This is the absolute bare basics of literacy my pupil! One must learn to crawl before one can walk!

The Second Stage of construction requires the following resources; 12 Books, 8 Dowels and 8 pieces of Parchment. As the humble caterpillar evolves into the beautiful butterfly so shall our Study evolve into a place of higher learning! If you find yourself unable locate the materials remember that a burden shared is a burden halved, do not be afraid to ask your comrades to donate to this very worthy endeavor!

The Third Section of the Study needs yet more supplies! 18 Books, 10 Dowels and 10 Pieces of Parchment will suffice to turn our growing shrine of learning into a true font of wisdom! If this staggering amount is beyond the capabilities of your companions always remember that the Mystical Farm Cash can be traded for all kinds of supplies at the market.

The Fourth and Final Level of the study will require more than any other stage my splendid student! It will take all of your skills (and those of your friends) to complete the study and transform it into a beacon of light and learning that will bathe the landscape with wisdom and understanding! You must quest after 24 Books, 14 Dowels and 14 Pieces of Parchment for the final leg of this journey.

Once we have completed the building you will have no doubt noticed that you became wiser and gained much experience every day you were in my Study, this is the true power of learning my friend!

I will allow you to take several tomes every day from my personal library if you so wish. I scribe copies regularly so you may use them as you see fit! Sell them to other students to increase the spread of knowledge in the land or gift them to the friends who no doubt helped you so they may construct their own personal studies!