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Darksiders 2: New Video Explains Loot Cycle

If you have played the first Darksiders, then there’s a high chance that the next title in it’s series has been on your radar for some time now.

As with every major game, Prima Games is releasing a strategy guide for Darksiders 2. Vigil Games have decided to promote it with one of their new videos featuring the loot cycle. The video also shows many drop-able items available in the game.

Darksiders 2 will literally contain thousands of armor pieces and a huge list of weaponry. Check the video below to get a last preview of the game before release.

The developers have focused on the new title to grant more customization to players. Compared to the first one, this title will feature a vast world and provide many explorable areas.

Darksiders 2 will release on the 14th of August for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. There will also be a Wii U version but that will arrive some time later after the initial release.