CinemaWare Hopes to Bring back “Wings” With Director’s Cut

There’s a possibiity that you may have never gottten the chance to play the cinematic dogfighter Wings back in 1990 when it was released for the Amiga computer system. 

You may have also missed it when it was re-released on the Gameboy Advanced in 2002.  Well fear not, because original developer Cinemaware is looking to fire up the old flying ace for one more go around.

Wings is set during the biplane era of flight, with your craft packing only a gatling gun, taking the fight to the German enemy high above the trenches of Europe, and strafing ground units with extreme prejudice.

As you’d expect, Cinemaware has taken to Kickstarter to rally fans around the banner and the studio is looking to raise an ambitious $350,000 to remake the title in HD for iOS, Android, and PC.

You can donate to the cause using the link above if you’d like to see this classic make yet another comeback.