“Anomaly: Warzone Earth” Gets Long Awaited Sequel

Anomaly Warzone Earth was one of many people’s favorite iDevice games of last year. So it’s no surprise that 11Bit Studios is looking to improve on that popularity by releasing a sequel dubbed Anomaly Korea.

It’s a new chapter in the story, complete with new units, player powers, and an “even more frantic race” to defeat the alien horde, which has bunkered in Korea instead of Tokyo this time around.

We don’t know a lot more than these somewhat vague details, unfortunately, but we do have some cool teaser images of the sequel in action.

Anomaly Warzone Earth, for those who haven’t had an opportunity to play it, is a reverse tower defense game where you control the invading force. As the commander of this force, you’re tasked with building and maneuvering a convoy of tanks and other mechanical oddities through a line of turrets. You can also deploy special powers, which can heal your units or even power down enemy turrets for a time.

Anomaly has always been known for having smooth controls and great visuals as well as very deep strategy elements. There’s no release date set yet but we should know something soon, so keep an eye on Segment Next for more info!