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Rift Finally Gets A Battlemage Soul, The Harbinger Joins The Storm Legion

The Trion Worlds RIFT team just announced the coming of the Harbinger soul for Battlemages in the Storm Legion expansion.

The first of four new souls to be announced, the Harbinger is a melee DPS mage that can summon powerful weapons such as the Energy Scythe and Lightning Blade, and brings a great deal of sustainability with his self-heals and utility with his dashes and teleportation abilities. The soul also has special armor, which reduces the time taken to cast spells, allowing the mage to quickly throw in some fireballs for extra damage.

They also showed a small teaser of a huge new mount nicknamed ‘Mr. Landslide’. While nothing more was said of it, the devs did mention they would talk more about it next week.

You can see the video below. The actual content starts at the 12:30 minute mark.