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Guild Wars 2: How To Earn XP Fast

As with all MMO titles, you’ll be needing to earn a lot of experience points (XP) in order for your character to level up.

Good thing about Guild Wars 2 is that it gives you plenty of different methods with which to get XP. Hence, you will never be tied down to one or two ways where you’ll be grinding your way ahead.

Killing Creatures

The most basic way to earn XP in the game or any MMO title for that matter is to kill creatures/minions/monsters. Every enemy AI you strike down will grant you XP.

Another trick is to travel to serene locations, places rarely visited by players. Creatures here will give you XP based on how long it was alive for.

In the long run simply killing creatures for XP is extremely boring and monotonous. Thankfully there are other methods which are mentioned below.


Next up is completing quests. Every zone has quest locations which are marked with a big heart. These quests include a number of different ordeals, ranging from gathering, killing, escorting, etc.

You get a good chunk of XP and Karma once you have successfully completed a quest.

Dynamic Events

Sometimes you’ll be traveling along and suddenly a quest will pop up out of nowhere instructing you to do something.

Dynamic events/quests will show up on your map and can be of different forms. For example you might be asked to provide escort to a trader. You’ll need to defend him until he reaches his destination since naturally there will be many attackers along the way.

Simply put the more you participate in these events, the more XP your character gains.


Dungeons form the main online of any MMO title. The ones in Guild Wars 2 are none the different.

Clearing a dungeon with a group of members grants you a nice amount of XP. You can replay the various dungeons as many times as you wish, but there are two modes to them. The first time you enter a dungeon will be story mode. This mode has cutscenes and follows a linear path. Once you’ve finished story mode for a dungeon, then you can play it in explorable mode. This second mode tends to follow the events of the story mode and has more options open to the players as they explore the dungeon.

Personal Storyline

You can also earn XP by doing quests of your character’s personal storyline.

Skill Challenges

Skill Challenges are scattered through the world in Guild Wars 2. They are a bit similar to the conventional fixed quests but these ones sometime give you a skill point as well, which you can spend on your slot skills.

These can take the form ranging from simple communion with an object to single combat to fighting through a mob of creatures to trigger an item.

World vs World

Taking part in World vs World events will grant you XP everytime you defeat enemy players in combat. Some WvW events require you to capture enemy keeps or doing other dynamic events. Either way they are a good source of XP.

Note that normal Player vs Player gives you no XP.


You’ll gain XP as you explore and discover new areas, waypoints, vistas, and other points of interest.

Points of interest are represented as small squares on your map, waypoints are shown as diamonds and vistas are with red arrows.

Daily Achievements

Daily achievements are quests that are available to you every day. You can only complete them once every day.

They also range from quests which require gathering to killing creatures and more. They are a good source of XP gain every day.


Reviving NPCs or other allied players grant you small amount of XP.

Start healing and reviving your buddies instead of just running past them.


Firstly you’ll be needing a gathering tool (Axe, Sickle, Pick) to harvest resources. Once you have enough resources you can start working on crafting items and discovering new recipes.

Guild Wars 2 has a lot of ways for players to gain XP from. You can choose the ways which fit your play-style best.