Zombies Invade Facebook Through ‘Walking Dead Social’

The Zombie apocalypse marches on, folks. Not an actual zombie apocalypse of course, but the conquest of zombies over just about every single facet of gaming. With DayZ’s massive success and the upcoming WarZ, it looks like RockYou decided that it also wanted a piece of the rotting meat pie.

AMC and RockYou just announced the launch of ‘The Walking Dead Social Game’ based on the immensely popular ‘The Walking Dead’ TV series. Players will be treated to a story driven adventure where they must survive, thrive and go on adventures alongside characters from the show.

“Gamers are ready for a more robust gameplay experience on Facebook,” said Josh Grant, svp and GM of Studio Partners at Rock You. “We’re bringing a thrilling survival-horror game experience to a more social platform that both long-time gamers and fans new to the gaming space can enjoy.”

Developed by Eyes Wide Games, ‘The Walking Dead Social Game’ features a stat-based progression system. Players earn points as they move forward and can spend them to increase attributes such as Aim, Stamina and Vision. This will allow players to customize the skill set of their squad to increase their chances of surviving the bloodthirsty hordes of ‘Walkers’.

You can play the game here.