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Tin Man Games Teases New Vampire Themed Interactive Novel

Don’t be alarmed, you read that headline correctly, folks. Coming soon from Tin Man Games is an interactive novel, very similar to a Japanese dating sim, which will allow you to interact with various Twilight-esque vampires.   

This seems like an odd new addition to the Tin Man library of iOS games, as they are best known for holding the Fighting Fantasy License.  However, it certainly seems like Tin Man Games is attempting to appeal to a different demographic and cash in on the vampire craze.

 Vampire Boyfriends will be, as the title implies, focused on your interactions with a bunch of blood-suckers who brood and enjoy being mysterious. 

What’s interesting is that you don’t have to simply talk them up and eventually become their eternal lover, maybe you stalk them like a helpless puppy or possibly avoid them all together and live forever alone, there is also an option to stake every last one of them and laugh menacingly.

If you’d like to keep a close eye on this one without letting any of your friends know, the game will be available for Android and iOS and you can check out their website at gamebookadventures