Rumor: BioShock Infinite Multiplayer Modes Scrapped

Anonymous sources close to gaming site Kotaku report that a couple of multiplayer modes for Bioshock Infinite have been scrapped during development.

Ken Levine, lead developer of Irrational Games is the man behind the game. During an interview he mentioned that progress is fine and the game’s launch period will remain the same, that is early 2013. He also added that with a game as challenging as Bioshock, some obstacles and hiccups are bound to come.

One being asked about the rumored multiplayer modes being scrapped, Levine replied:

As I’ve always said we are experimenting with things, and only if they are good enough will we put them in the game.

It’s said that one of the multiplayer modes was a classic arcade-style tower defense game while the other was a Spec Ops style co-op mode.

Levine assured fans that they have nothing to worry about. He further stated that the final product will blow away their minds.

When you are trying to innovate the path is not always clear and these things take time. But I guarantee this: The next time we show you guys the game the judge will be you, not me.

[via Kotaku]