Halo 4 Might Support SmartGlass Functions

Jerry Hook, executive producer of Halo 4 has hinted on the possibility of Halo 4 supporting Xbox SmartGlass functions.

While talking to OXM, he said:

When Xbox started creating this great idea for SmartGlass, we came up with a couple of concepts that we could produce. That’s not necessarily what we’ll ship, but [Waypoint] is a good example of one of the things we thought would work well.

Our goal with Halo Waypoint in general is to be a hub that ties the whole franchise together. We realise that people will want to play different things, whether it’s Anniversary or Reach or Halo 4, and we want a place in which they can track their stats and look at new experiences that we will provide on Waypoint as we continue to move forward.

We previously saw the SmartGlass in action at Microsoft’s presentation earlier this year at E3. Many people were actually dissapointed by the fact that it took a major portion of their total conference. Gamers complained that they should have just focused on games more than their hardware.

Frank O’Connor, boss of 343 Industries commented on Halo 4 saying that it will surprise cynics. Is that another way of saying that the game will include the SmartGlass functions?