Gameloft Debuts New Teaser for Gothic Fantasy Game “Wild Blood”

Are you the kind of gamer who enjoys a good undead party? Orks, zombies, zombie-orks, various creepy monsters and big sharp weapons made for dispatching such things in very gory ways? Then the upcoming iOS game Wild Blood should be right up your alley.

In a short new teaser trailer, publisher Gameloft debuts Wild Blood‘s dark gothic fantasy world and gives you a decent look at its monsters, as well as the heavily armored hero with a giant sword. 

One can assume this protaganist will be the strong silent type as you hack and slash your way through the impressive environments running under the Unreal Engine. 

Wild Blood is actually one of a few Unreal Engine 3 games slated to come from Gameloft in the near future. Wild Blood specifically is slated to hit iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android “soon”, with no definite release date. We will keep you updated as more details emerge.