“BattleZone: Airhunt” Begins Alpha Testing

Developer BZA Team has launched an early alpha version of its in-progress shoot-’em-up BattleZone: Airhunt today.

Reminiscent of the classic game Choplifter, BattleZone: Airhunt puts players in control of a heavily armed attack helicopter as it flies through each stage taking out enemy tanks and jet fighters, while dodging various environmental hazards.

The silhouetted presentation gives the game a distinct look reminiscent of Limbo, and the final version will feature multiple gameplay modes, including a single player or two player co-op campaign and competitive multiplayer for up to four players with the usual Deathmatch/Team Deathmatch modes.

BattleZone: Airhunt is available for PC and can be prepurchased for fifty percent off at $3.49 during its alpha test, while the full version will be priced at $6.99.