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World of Tanks Trailer Shows Off New Graphics In 8.0

Though 7.5 only just came out, are eager to get 8.0 out already!

The 8.0 update is already set to completely enhance just how you experience the game with overhauled graphics and physics inĀ World of Tanks.

Several maps are already slated to receive these updated graphics, including the likes of Himmelsdorf, Lekville, Fjords, Westfield and Arctic Region. And any maps that don’t get this graphical love in 8.0 have already been confirmed to be getting a lick of paint in future updates.

So, 8.0 is retouching a lot of things. The physics are being vamped to make battles feel more realistic than before as well as this graphical overhaul, but there’s not much info on just how that’s being done.

What about new content? Already confirmed are a bunch more Soviet TD’s for tiers six to ten. The new British Premium tank is going to be the Matilda Black Prince as well.