Valve to Add Custom Controls for Sound Specialization in CS: GO

Sound is a crucial factor in competitive gaming, especially when it’s a shooting game. Valve seemed to be unhappy about the sound specialization in the game concerning the ‘cross fading’ issue. Cross Fading is not really a term that most of the gamers may understand so if you are looking for some more explanation, you can follow this link.

Cutting long story short, the custom sound specialization controls in the game will let users to configure the sound placement according to type of device they are using. From CS 1.6 until now, the sound was specifically tweaked to provide better results with 5.1 surround system but in CS: GO, the signal is down-mixed for the players using headphones or stereo speakers.

cs go sound 1

cs go sound 2

After a long beta run, CS: GO is available at Steam for $13.49. Those who will pre-order the game before 21st of August, will get a 10% discount. So, if you want to buy it, now is the time.

Source: PC Gamer