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“Tower Wars” Gets Official Release Date and Pricing

The highly anticipated tower defense game, Tower Wars has finally received an official release date and pricepoint just shortly after its Beta Test ended on Monday.

If you happen to be one of the few who haven’t heard of Tower Wars yet, it’s an interesting twist on the classic tower defense formula. 

First thing you’ll notice is that you’ll be playing against an actual person and not the usual A.I.  You’ll spend gold to upgrade your ballista towers and build a maze for your opponent’s units to traverse while sending out your own units to earn battlepoints. 

Battlepoints are used to upgrade your mines, which in turn net you more gold to send bigger and better units at your opponent’s castle. 

It’s a tower defense game that will require a lot more attention and interaction than you would normally expect.  You’ll be making sure your in-game economy is running smoothly and pumping out everything you need to ensure victory over your opponent and the destruction of his home base. 

Tower Wars also features lush visuals and a steampunk aesthetic as well as its own quirky sense of humor. You’ll be able to pick up the game from Supervillian Studios on August 15th for $9.99 on Steam with a 10% discount for the first two weeks of release.