Official Mod Kit Announced for The Witcher 2

CD Projekt Red is quickly becoming one of the most respectable developers around. In a market that’s saturated with compromising developers who are coursed and compelled by greed to make maximum profit margins, CD Projekt Red just simply wants to please their customers.

In just about every interview anyone has done with CD Projekt Red, they’ve talked endlessly about how their design decisions are always based on treating the players with respect. Their policy on giving out all downloadable content for free, is a prime example.

Ironically, they’ve claimed that the good will they generate from their fan base, for treating them with such respect, often winds up with them selling even more copies of their game.

So, it should come to no ones surprise that CD Projekt Red has announced that they will be officially revealing REDkit at Gamescom in Germany, next week. REDkit, they claim, is going to be the ultimate modders tool set for The Witcher 2.