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Legion of the Damned Update Adds Online Support, Cutscene Viewer and Fixes

IOS Developer Offworld Games released an update today for “Legion of the Damned” that seems to have addressed a lot of the issues players were having with the game.

First of these improvements has added much-needed online support, giving players an in-game friends-list and incorporating the ability to invite those friends to multiplayer games.

Second improvement added a cut scene viewer to the game’s campaign mode, making the sometimes hard to follow the story a bit easier to keep up with whenever the player needs a refresher.

Despite the updates, however, users are still calling for a few more fixes. The game still lacks Game Center Integration, forcing you to add your friends manually, and there still isn’t a smooth way to share your user created maps with the world. While these are minor gripes, Offworld Games continues to promise bigger and better updates in the future, and the player-base continues to wait with anticipation.

“Legion of the Damned” is available for iPod, iPhone and iPad for $4.99.