Infinity Blade: Dungeons Being Developed By KoA Developers

Developers who got laid off after Big Huge Games bit the dust will rise from the ashes.

Impossible Studios, formed by Epic Games is based in Hunt Valley and is made up of all the ex-developers of Big Huge Games. It’s being led by Studio Director Sean Dunn and his first project has been announced to be a touch-based action RPG called Infinity Blade: Dungeons for the iOS.

The bunch working at the new studio now have previously worked on Rise of Nations, Age of Empires 3: The Asian Dynasties, Catan and my personal favorite, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Dunn remarked on Epic Games stepping up gather up the developers after the crash:

Epic Games has truly embraced this stellar collection of developers who were displaced by the closing of Big Huge Games. They have looked after us with complete care, giving us all the tools and resources we need to make a lot of gamers happy.

Mike Capps, president of Epic Games added:

We were so glad we could help keep this great team together, and we’re lucky to have them.

At the time, I said that finding a full team of superstars was ‘impossible’ and apparently the name stuck! Pairing the imagination and experience of Impossible with Epic’s technology, IP and resources makes for a business greater than the sum of its parts.

It’s interesting to know that Epic Games has a very vast network of developers. Impossible Studios is just another addition to a long list. It has its own Gears of War team in Cary, North Carolina, ChAIR Entertainment in Salt Lake City, Utah, Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly in Warsaw, Poland, Epic Games Korea in Seoul and Epic Games Japan in Yokohama.