Illusion Labs Teases “Blast-A-Way” With a Screenshot

In an app store overloaded with thousands of games and hundreds of publishers, iOS game developer Illusion Labs has certainly made a name for themselves and set out to rise above the din.

Creators of games such as TouchGrind, TouchGrind BMX and Labyrinth, the team at Illusion Labs has become well known for their ability to fully utilize the iPhone and iPad’s touch screen and graphical capabilities.

“Blast -A -Way” definitely seems to be on par with that same graphical quality judging by the teaser image they’ve released today via their twitter feed.

Shortly after the image was released, Illusion Labs also posted that they will be releasing a teaser trailer soon with the game scheduled for tentative release at the end of this month, and are referring to it as an “action-adventure puzzler.”

Be sure to keep an eye on the Illusion Labs twitter feed and Segment Next for more info as it arrives!