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Ghost Recon Online: Open Beta Has Begun

Ghost Recon Online
Earlier today Ubisoft announced that Ghost Recon Online has now been moved into it’s open beta.

That said, the online free-to-play shooter for the PC is now available for you to download and play. However, in order to do so you will be required to have a Uplay account which you can sign up for for free.

Operation Eagle Eye has been initiated as the first weekly mission. Players are required to maintain an accuracy of 15% over five matches in a row. Those who do so will be rewarded with a rare armor set.

Previously Ghost Recon Online has been in it’s closed beta for some months now. Publisher Ubisoft has mentioned the game to be finally be released sometime later this year. The game will also land on the WiiU right after the PC version is released.

Ubisoft’s creative director, Jean Geffroy said before in his talks that they are looking forward to learning how to make free-to-play successful.