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“Dusty Revenge” Brings Westerns and Wacky Animals To Your iDevice Later this Year

Spaghetti westerns, anthropamorphic bunnies and Shank-like gameplay don’t have a lot in common at the moment.  PD Design Studio plans to change all that when it releases Dusty Revenge later this year for the iOS. 

The story is simple; you’ll play as Dusty, the cowboy rabbit, on a quest for revenge after the love of his life, Daisy, is killed.  As Dusty seeks to avenge Daisy, he’ll encounter two new friends: Rondell the bear, an artillary expert and McCoy the camel, an expert sharpshooter.    

You’ll follow Dusty and friends through eight different levels of lavishly drawn environments and epic boss fights using all of the tools available to you. 

Summoning Rondell to blow up a part of cliff so you can climb it easier or calling on McCoy to take out a troublesome enemy you can’t reach.  You’ll be able to use various acrobatic combos and even use Dusty’s absurdly long ears to float and double jump when needed. 

Be sure to keep an eye on “” and Segment Next for more info on a specific release date and more info as it arrives!