Dust 514 and EVE Online To Connect For First Time in Next Beta Test

CCP officially announced that Dust 514 and EVE Online would finally get to meet and shake hands.

The next closed beta test for Dust is posed as the “precursor” release, and will be the first chance to actually interact with the MMO EVE whilst playing Dust.

This beta test is scheduled to start August 21st, and will be the very first time that the game has connected live. Alongside that, CCP announced that anyone who’s subscribed to EVE will now be eligible to play in the Dust beta!

“We can’t wait to see what happens when these games collide in the same shared universe,”

It’s time to test out orbital strikes in a live environment. You’ll be able to call down these orbital strikes whilst in-game from computer-controlled barges lying in orbit, though players will eventually replace the AI doing the job for now.

Be careful though, because the ground units can use some orbital artillery to fire back at player ships in orbit.