Dishonored: New Trailer Shows You Creative Killings

The previous trailer for Dishonored showed us the many ways with which we can approach a situation in game. The latest trailer from Bethesda gives us some examples of creative methods with which to dispose off enemies.

We’re talking about using the force to push enemies into electrical barriers or off a balcony. More so it focuses on the combination of the many supernatural powers players will have in game.

Some of the methods does look fun to do. I mean who wouldn’t like to summon a pack of rats, strap explosives on their backs and then guide them into enemies using the possession power.

Then there’s time bending where you can simply stop time the moment an enemy is taking aim at you, take possession of his body and bring him infront of his own bullet. Are you still not entertained?

Dishonored releases later this year for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.