Devil May Cry: New Trailer Features Combos In Tune To Metal

Capcom has released yet another new trailer for the upcoming new Devil May Cry title.

This time around the trailer hosts a damning heavy metal song in the background with Dante cutting up demons to it’s tune using mad combos. Towards the end of the trailer you can also see to what looks like a stage boss.

The footage also shows some puzzle sequences where Dante uses a hook shot to make his way across a warping world.

However, one thing that really stands out from this trailer is the use of the words ‘Obesity’ and ‘Stupidity’. Throughout the trailer words like ‘Die’, ‘Kill Dante’ flash on the screen which seem perfectly fine for the trailer. Then comes the words flashing together, ‘Obesity’ and ‘Stupidity’. Are the developers trying to say that being obese is equal to being stupid? If that’s the case then they should start preparing to receive more flak.

The developers behind the new Devil May Cry title have already taken a lot of heat for changing the appearance of Dante. Fans of the series have complained that the previous Dante was what defined the game and they cannot imagine a DMC title without his old getup.

Devil May Cry will release on the 17th of January, 2013 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.