Defiance Developer Diary Talks About Gameplay Elements – Why It’s Unique

With a plethora of mmo games on the market, Defiance tries to distinguish itself, by bringing a polished third person shooter with vehicle elements, to a gorgeous open world game.

That, and they’re partnering with the Syfy channel to bring an entirely new form of entertainment. Their bold ambition is to combine both video games with television into one seamless experience. They plan to release Defiance, the television series at the same time the game is released.

With such an ambitious project, I’m intrigued as to where it will go and how it will do. I can just imagine events in the television show, impacting the game. Resulting in new enemies to fight, weapons to find, or places to discover.

What would be really impressive, is if whether or not players fail or succeed in these changes brought upon by the television show, dictates where the show goes next. Let’s just hope that the acting and writing is good enough, to pull this off.