“Boundless” Strives to be Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Played

Indie game developers are experiencing a huge surge in popularity lately and it’s not hard to understand why. With enough knowhow you can create the kind of game you want to play and share it with others, while possibly creating the next big blockbuster gaming sensation. 

That’s what user “Butterbun” alludes to in a recent post from the popular Indie developer forums IndieDB, where he announced his new game Boundless.

“We are a group of friends that have always wanted to develop a complex and unforgiving game that we ourselves would love to play instead of a game that would appeal to the biggest audience. That’s where the concept of Boundless was born – a hardcore and complex game that does not follow today’s casual design standards.”

He says that the designers wanted to start with three basic ideas for gameplay: “survive, explore, discover.”  With just those three ideas, Boundless shatters.