Thief 4 Will Land On Next-Gen Consoles

Is it just a coincidence that this report comes in just one day after talks of Mafia 3 being developed for the next-generation consoles?

According to the gossip section in the latest issue of OXM UK Thief 4 will now be released late next year, once the new Xbox 720 (Durango) is released.

Considering the report to be true, it’s really bizarre for Thief 4 to be delayed so much since the game already has been in development for more than four year. Even more, a previous statement by one of the designers claim that the game’s done and ready.

Looking at the job listings posted by Eidos Montreal, one can see that there is an opening on a next-gen action adventure title tagged with keywords ‘player choice’ and ‘stealth’. Is that a new Deus Ex coming out on next-gen consoles as well?

I personally cannot buy all of this. It just seems practically impossible for either Microsoft or Sony to release their new console late next year. If their consoles are even close to the point of ‘ready’ then they’ll most probably reveal their new hardware late of next year and then wait for a year before release.

You have to give it time for the hype train to take affect. In addition you also have to convince your consumers as to why should you buy their new console, in other words games! What new games are coming on the newer console.