Persona 4 Arena: Lag Patch Coming For The Xbox 360

Many who bought Persona 4 Arena on the Xbox 360 complained of severe lag problems.

Characters would sometimes act sluggish and no matter who accurately you time your moves, everything would mess up because of the character’s constant stuttering.

If you’re one suffering from the same problem then it’s time to rejoice for Atlus has taken notice of the problem. The publisher stated that a lag patch is in rapid development and it will be released as soon as possible. Hopefully the patch will fix all the current problems and not bring up new ones.

Persona 4 Arena launched alongside a shocking 16 pieces of DLC. Atlus has assured fans that the content is mostly cosmetics and will have on real effect on the gameplay.

The content is assured to be entirely cosmetic, offering passionate fans a chance to further customize their characters and play experiences without affecting the game’s critical balance and mechanics.

The content includes $2 packs of glasses, $3 voices and $6 bundles. So are you planning on buying this game since the lag patch is coming out?