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NCSoft Suffer Losses of $6M

Could NCSoft be banking on Guild Wars 2 more than previously imagined? Fortunately they’re still going!

Today, the publisher for Guild Wars 2, NCSoft made an announcement that their earnings for Q2 of this year were a substantial loss, posting a total of $6 million over the quarterly period.

Reportedly, revenues were down to $130 million, which is 12% lower than last year. Most of this revenue was coming from NCSoft’s existing online titles, so just why such a huge loss?

NCSoft commented, saying that this unexpected dip into the red occurred because of the rising labour costs, having to increase the marketing budget for Blade & Soul’s launch in Korea, and buying Ntreev has set them back quite a lot. Aion may be contributing as well, since in-game transactions are down as well.

NCSoft is hoping for a profitable third quarter due to the release of Guild Wars 2 to help recover from this bad quarter.