Mass Effect 3: Firefight Pack Adds Multiplayer Weapons To Single Player Campaign

This is an interesting announcement by Bioware for their upcoming new Firefight Pack.

Firstly the post on Bioware’s blog states that the new content pack for Mass Effect 3 is now available for purchase.

Secondly the pack will add many of the multiplayer weapons to the single player campaign. Recently Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer received a lot of arsenal and now players can make use of that fire power during the single player campaign.

So get ready to choose between proper and most fun way to unleash mayhem on to the Reapers. Should you equip Sheppard with a Krysae Sniper Rifle or the Reegar Carbine?

The Firefight Pack will also include two brand new weapons: The Blood Pack Punisher SMG and the Adas Anti-Synthetic rifle. It will be for a cost of $2 or 160 Bioware points. You can purchase the pack by going to the Origin download store.

Tell us if you’re planning on getting the Firefight Pack or not.