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Halo 4: ‘Custom Built For The 360 Experience’ – 343

With Halo 4’s release date fast approach, developer 343 Industries talk about their approach to the halo universe for a fourth time and the advantages of being a first party developer for Microsoft.

Talking to the Independent, Scott Warner, the lead designer from 343 mentioned that Halo 4 was custom designed for the current Xbox 360. Each and every gameplay experience was attuned to the current generation console.

Our current development is all centered around the Xbox 360 and trying to harness everything we can get out of that box, so everything you’re seeing is sort of custom built for the 360 experience. Obviously depending on what happens and develops with our company, we’ll try to develop our technology and take advantage of it.

Warner also stated that Halo 5 will definitely be a project for the next-generation consoles. Halo 4’s most probable success will give 343 a ‘lead’ in the game’s market and come the next Xbox, they’ll be ready to strike. He did add though, that Halo 5 on the next-gen will require very cautious planning and preparation.

I mean certainly as things develop, we have the advantage of working for a publisher and first party development, and if things happen we would certainly want to take advantage of those things.

There’s always kind of a careful balancing act between what you decide to improve upon, what you have that you think is really good, what’s the great mixture of that to put you in the best position to be successful as a team. But certainly as things go on in development we have an advantage in the sense that we can cross those streams a bit.

[via OXM]