EVE Inferno Gets 1.2 Patch Goes Live, Makes It Easier To Play

The newest patch for EVE Online is now live, and CCP have also announced that they’re taking another crack at making the game more accessible.

Wait, they’re going to lower the learning curve in EVE Online? Now, if you’re not familiar with EVE then you’ll have to excuse my shock.

My experiences with the game (As are many other users by the sound of things) have been a mix of soul-crushingly difficult to learn and master, or incredibly satisifying. It’s no secret that EVE is a bit daunting to new players, but CCP are resolved to make that no longer the case.

The new 1.2 patch has overhauled the initial tutorials to make things easier for new users. Character creation has also been tweaked a bit.

The other changes you’ll have to check out for yourself on the official website.