Castlevania: Mirror of Fate is Not Recreating Metroidvania – Konami

During an interview with ONM, Producer of Konami, David Cox said that they have been closely listening to the feedback of their consumers regarding Lords of Shadow, and are now going to act upon some of the major suggestions.

We listened to feedback from the audience about what they did and didn’t love about Lords Of Shadow. It’s fair to say that exploration will play a bigger part in Mirror Of Fate.

Castlevania: Mirror of Fate is going to be released on the 3DS soon. This time however, Konami wants to give you a full open experience rather than going for a conventional 2D style similar to the Metroidvania games like Dawn of Sorrow or Portrait of Ruin. Even though it will still be heavily influenced by Metroidvania style, Cox has assured that they are not trying to create a replica.

Cox further added :

The game is still a combat action-adventure game, but we felt that was an area we could develop further to make it more interesting for players and give them more of a world.

So in Lords Of Shadow, 90 per cent of the game takes place in the castle, the map is very reminiscent of the Metroidvania style of games. We’re not trying to recreate a Metroidvania style game; what we’re trying to do is expand exploration beyond the old linear style.

Castlevania games that mix exploration and combat are often referred to as Metroidvania games, influenced as they are by Samus Aran’s adventures. So what is Castlevania 3DS influenced by? Well, producer David Cox has told ONM that his team are not trying to recreate the Metroidvania-style of DS games such as Castlevania: Order Of Ecclesia.