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Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel – Generous Amount of Details Revealed

Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel was announced just a week ago by EA, and it was expected that the publisher would regularly tease us with details of the game from time to time.

But no one expected a dense quantity of information to come out just after a week from announcement; and yes, that’s exactly what has happened.

Thanks to Game Infromer’s latest issue, the gaming world has been showered with vital details of the game’s story and gameplay elements.

The third person shooter game is being developed by Visceral Games, and will feature DICE’s infamous Frostbite 2 engine that also powered Battlefield 3 and Need for Speed: The Run.

But all that is old news. If you’re allergic to spoilers, you might not want to continue below (though there isn’t anything that would really destroy the game’s experience).

For the relatively tougher (or perhaps more anticipating) fellows, here are the freshest details (courtesy of GamingEverything):

– Visceral Montreal is aware of the different reactions to the series’ past games
– Executive producer Julian Beak on the character changes: “It’s much more straightforward to start with characters that are in the universe but aren’t the ones you had before”
– New characters, setting, more mature tone
– Most of the team is new to the series
– Salem and Rios are in the game, and they’re a big part of the story
– At the same time, they’re both taking a background role as top executives of the Tactical Worldwide Operations organization
– New duo: Alpha and Bravo
– Game is set in Mexico, a nation besieged by extraordinarily violent drug cartels
– Tens of thousands of people have been murdered by cartels over the past 10 years
– This includes people involved in the drug trade and civilians
– There are decapitated bodies left in streets
– Mutilated corpses hung from public places to serve as warnings
– Won’t learn of Alpha and Bravo’s real names in the game
– Alpha is a veteran of multiple armed conflicts with the U.S. military and special forces
– Wasn’t until Rios offered him the opportunity to use his tactical skills “for good” that he considered becoming a mercenary
– Alpha considers himself to be more of a soldier or operative than a mercenary
– Alpha is a born leader
– He thinks of T.W.O. as a chance to bring military precision and ruthless efficiency to a para-military environment
– Bravo served one tour with the U.S. army
– After this, he decided military life wasn’t suited for him
– Bravo took odd jobs and was a freelancer with various private military companies around the world after returning to the U.S.
– T.W.O. headhunted Bravo after a high-profile urban rescue operation in the Balkans
– He jumped at the chance to work with Elliot Salem
– Compared to Alpha Bravo is more about quick reactions, instincts, and raw talent to keep alive in battle
– Visceral is treating the cartel wars maturely
– Alpha and Bravo won’t fix everything for Mexico
– Won’t be high-fiving during battle or anything like that
– Game begins with T.W.O. taking on a mission to protect La Puerta’s mayor, Juan Angelo Cordova, as he attends a political rally
– He’s only been in office for a short while but has already made enemies by taking on the La Guadana cartel
– This is a fictional organization also known as the Scythe
– The group murdered Cordova’s family in retaliation for his anti-cartel stance
– La Guadana has been built by Esteban Bautista into an international crime syndicate by gun running and drug smuggling
– It’s also a strong paramilitary force
– T.W.O. has grown since the events in The 40th Day in terms of size and reputation
– T.W.O. doesn’t operate in secrecy
– Visceral wants to provide context for the big moments
– Alpha and Bravo face difficult choices that pit following orders against moral instincts
– The two team up with GAFE and Salem and Rios during the story
– Mostly operate without backup
– Cover is important in the game
– Need to press a button to duck into or behind safety, unlike past games
– Other cover zones are marked with an icon
– Press the cover button to move into the new area
– Can cancel the animation by moving in another direction
– Also use the cover button to vault over low objects including air-conditioning ducts
– Use it together with the run button to make Alpha/Bravo move up and over smaller cover items
– New HUD direction
– Aggrometer seems to be gone
– Overkill feature brought in so that players can trigger back-to-back moments
– Overkill reinforces and rewards co-op
– When your partner activates Overkill at the same time, you go into Double Overkill
– Action slows down, audio comes to a crawl, and the screen takes on a sepia tone
– This makes your shots more powerful
– Double Overkill ends after roughly 15 seconds
– Cooperating can lead to more money and Overkill points
– Adjust weapon accuracy and recoil with upgrades
– Two main orders for the AI: follow and advance
– AI is more aware of how combat is unfolding
– AI will be balanced so that it’s tactically useful while not completely taking over
– Players can choose which part they want to play when the characters are split up
– AI interface still being worked on

Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel is expected for a 2013 release for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.