Darksiders 2 To Get New Game+ and Crucible ‘Survival’ Mode

With the release so close now, it’s great to see that the developers still have even more content to announce.

These latest features come in the form of a New Game+ and the arena mode that THQ have tenatively titled “Crucible Mode”.

Now, I assume you’re probably familiar with the idea of a New Game+, but in case you’re not; it’s generally a mode that lets you start a new game using your completed game file, and certain stats/equipment/abilities will carry over to the new game. Some features and content might also only be viable in New Game+, but there isn’t any confirmation on whether or not that’s the case with Darksiders II.

As for Crucible Mode, it’s a survival style arena mode. In this mode, you take on five waves of enemies, and if you’re still standing at the end of the five waves, you’re given the choice between cashing in your victory for loot, or fighting another five waves of increasing difficulty. The longer you last without cashing in, the better your loot reward. The downside being that if you should die before you claim your loot, then it’s lost forever (Or at least until you progress that far again).