Microsoft Confirms Existence of New Xbox

After months of keeping tightlipped about the subject, Microsoft has finally confirmed the existence of their next console.

The next-generation Xbox was confirmed to be in development earlier  when Microsoft made the decision to update their Hotmail and Outlook service. The claim for why they were doing this was to be “in time for the new wave of products” coming soon to us, which does include the new Xbox.

Brian Hall from Microsoft made the final confirmation earlier when speaking to The Verge about the new Windows 8 products:

“We’ve had Hotmail and operated Hotmail for about sixteen years.

“We obviously have Exchange and Outlook that people use at work.

“We just decided it was time to do something new and to bring the best from each of those and put them together and release it right in time for the new wave of products that we could have coming out with Windows 8, with the new version of Office, with the new Windows phone, and the new Xbox.”

We know that Windows 8 launches this October, so just how far behind it is the launch of the next Xbox console?