Mafia 3 Being Developed For Next-Generation Consoles

The original Mafia was spectacular and the second installment did do justice to the name. So you are now in wait for a third installment in the Mafia series? Well if you are then you will be needing a next generation console to run it on.

Eurogamer reports that Mafia 3 is currently in development for the next PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720. This comes from their Czech Republic site

According to the report development for the sequel started specifically for next generation consoles. The project however, is at a standstill now since the developers, 2K Czech is still in the process of finding replacements after their loss of some 40 staff members last year.

Job Listings for 2K Czech has over 11 positions available and the description points towards a “next AAA title”.

2k Czech has declined to comment on any of this when contacted by

Even though plenty of rumors have come up on the web regarding Sony’s and Microsoft’s next consoles; both of them have so far remained silent. If there’s any truth to the matter then the next consoles will be ready for launch in early 2014.