Deadlight Collectibles Guide – ID’s, Memories, Secrets and Journal Locations

If you have been playing Deadlight, you would know the intensity of horrors mixed with puzzles. Deadlight is indulging enough to keep you busy for hours. If you want more out of it, you can find the plethora of secrets hidden in the game.

To save you the trouble, we have this collectibles guide for you that can help you find all the secrets to unlock all the collectibles-related achievements in Deadlight.

ACT 1 – Welcome to Seattle

Scene 1 – Left Behind

Photo (Secret 1-3)
Location. You will get this automatically at the start of the level.

Karla (Secret 2-3)
Location. Examine the dead body you find at the start of the game.

Journal Page
Location. You will notice a radio on your left once you climb up a ladder, the next door will take you to a couple of lockers. Search them and you will find the journal page. You will also get the Achievement “What’s on Your Mind”

R.T. Chase ID (Secret 3/3)
Location. When you collect the journal page, jump into the gap on your left and then find a body on your top left corner.

Scene 2 – The End of The Tunnel

Location. When you are climbing down and learning to slide down faster, you should see a big circular opening in the wall on the left side. Jump inside and search the body you find in that area.

Poem (Secret)
Location. After you have climbed the ladder, continue moving deeper into the tunnel and look for “The Inferno Begins Here” written on the wall. You will see a body next to the tag, examine the body.

Scene 3 – Welcome to Seattle

ID: Arthur L. Allen (Secret 1-3)
Location. Hop over the electricity after this scene is started, don’t jump across the gap and fall into it. Examine the body.

Pamphlet (Secret 2-3)
Location. You will get to a big sign that is torn and waving in the wind, there is a damaged pole on the right side of it. Search it.

The Seattle Reporter (Secret 3/3)
Location. You will face an enemy, who will burst through a door – make him fall in to the gap on your left. Now go inside the area from where he came out, there is a shopping cart which you need to examine.

Scene 4 – Outskirts

Air Freshener (Secret 1/3)
Location. You will enter into a garage area where you face 3 enemies, the ground floor has a body to be examined…just next to a wall.

Journal Page #2 (1/1)
Location. Examine the lockers you find in the building after you run in the storm.

One Hundred Dollar Bill (Secret 2-3)
Location. When you have crossed the platforms that fall, there is a barb wired-fence. Don’t leap over and jump into the gap, examine the body.

J.W. Gacy ID (Secret 3/3)
Location. When you are being followed by a lot of enemies and then start sliding down the hill, jump to the ledge you see and let your enemy walk off, now examine the body there.

Scene 5 – A Chance Meeting

Health Expander (1-3)
Location. Move left, right after the scene starts. Break the planks and crawl through, examine the body.

Blue Handkerchief (Secret 1-3)
Location. Move towards the gas station and examine the body hanging near the last gas pump.

A.C Wuornos ID (Secret 2-3)
Location. When you climb up into a small building from a window, you will see a ledge that falls when you jump on it. There is a body to be examined on the other room of this area, be careful as there are enemies too.

Scene 6 – Checkpoint Charlie

Safe Point Map (Secret 1-3)
Location. You will get to an area where you will have to do some wall jumping, jump into the gap on the right and examine the body.

Medicine Book page (Secret 2-3)
Location. When you see the water tower (after leaping to the ladder) don’t crawl under it and go backwards, you should see a ladder which is going downwards. Climb down and jump into the window you see!

Music Box (Secret 3/3)
Location. Crawl under the water tower and then into the building, you will find a television, fall through the floor on the right side and you will see a music box on the left.

Journal Page #3 (1/1)
Location. When you go back outside, you should see some construction videos with some electricity on the ground. Go to the left side and search the desk!

Scene 7 – Broken Homes

Location. When you get inside a room by breaking through a window (it has a pawn sign just next to it), search the rooms for a body to be examined.

Complaint Receipt (Secret 2-4)
Location. When you have used the tower to extinguish the fire on the truck, you will jump over and head into another building. Climb into the room which has the water leak and search near the white-couch.

Testament Letter (Secret 3-4)
Location. When you are at the top of the building, the enemies will break the planks. Now go back down and then try to climb up the new path which will take you to the very top floor. Examine the body!

Eiffel Tower Postcard (Secret 4-4)
Location. When you avoid the electricity on the ground and climb up to the new floor. Go left and you will see a couple of lockers with some bodies next to them. There is a room on the left side whose body is to be examined.

Scene 8 – Lou’s Pawn Shop

Sam’s Badge – ID (Secret 1-2)
Location. Right after the scene starts, examine the body you see under the “Lou’s Pawn Shop” sign.

Couple’s Picture (2/2)
Location. When you shoot the lock after examining Sam’s body, head towards the next floor. Take a right and then jump over the gap, the bathroom has a secret next to the chair.

Act 2 – Hunters

Scene 2 – Tunnel Rats

Journal Page #4 (1-1)
Location. When you whistle to call for help from the Rat another time, you will be in an area which has a ladder and a box to be pulled out. Pull out the box and don’t use it, crawl into that place instead and you will find this.

J.L Dahmer ID (Secret 1-2)
Location. You will get into a room in which 4 traps and sand bags will fall. Run past the traps and with the guidance of one of them, climb to the hanging body on your left and examine it.

Poem Page 2 (Secret 2-2)
Location. You will call the rat to open you a trap door now. You will then climb down and see a body which has to be examined.

Scene 3 – The Collector

Rat Bone Necklace (Secret 1-1)
Location. You will dislodge a plank with the help of your sling shot and push a box to break the spikes of the slope. Follow that slope and you will reach to spot where you hang, drop down the 2 platform of spikes and then jump to the left. Drop down and follow the hidden passage.

Scene 4 – The Den

Medal of Honor (Secret 1-4)
Location. Move towards the left when the scene starts, move into the boarded door and then to the left of the ladder. You should see a red box on the top-left, use your sling shot to drop it and examine.

Polaroid (Secret 2-4)
Location. Climb the ladder and then follow the rat towards the shack. Jump onto the left box and then crawl into the hidden room.

Nang 68 photo (Secret 3-4)
Location. Continue your path downwards and you should see a box on your right (jump), drag it to the left and then search the area from where you pulled it out.

9 circles of hell illustration (Secret 4-4)
Location. You will come to a spot where you will have to break through a wall, there is a secret room on the left side on which you can jump.

Scene 5 – Ascend

K.A. Bianchi ID (Secret 1-3)
Location. When you cross a subway train, jump from it towards the boarded door. Break it and collect!

Health Extender
Location. When you’ve climbed up from the subway, you will have to use your slingshot for clearing the gears then, don’t. Go straight after and wait on the platform, use your slingshot to hit the target above and press down on the left stick to avoid obstacles. The pick-up is located on the left side, next to a body.

Rat’s Territory Page (Secret 2/3)
Location. You will enter into a room which is full of water, use the drain to get rid of it (middle) and then move leftwards where you can crawl into a secret room.

Survivor Journal Entry (Secret 3/3)
Location. This is on your main path, on the ground when you are climbing the subway cars and then entering into one.

Scene 6 – Tree House

Rosary Wooden Beads (Secret 1-4)
Location. Examine the dead body you see after entering into a house through a window.

West Seattle Herald (Secret 2-4)
Location. The second house has this lying on the floor.

Robert C. Bundy ID (Secret 3-4)
Location. You’ll jump onto a line which will break and then you will be in a house which has lots of enemies. Jump to the window and then onto the left where you should see a railing and room which has this id.

Sick Woman Photo (Secret 4-4)
Location. This is inside the tree house.

Journal Page #5
Location. Jump and slide onto the shed which is on your right (from the tree house) and search next to the fence.

Scene 7 – The Big Bird

Location. When you are running from the helicopter, you will drop into a building. There is a body on your main route so be careful, you might miss it. When you break through the door and see the helicopter shooting, go back to the previous room and you will see it.

Scene 8 – Lydia

Half Heart Pendant (Secret 1-1)
Location. It is next to the swing set, of the park.

Journal Page #6
Location. It is right after the above collectible, next to a fence…inside a trash can.

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