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Black Mesa: Source Gameplay Video Released

A couple of gameplay videos for Black Mesa, the Half-Life remake, have been released on the web.

Fan-site published the first video which shows gameplay from the ‘On a Rail’ chapter from Half-Life. The game shown has been built from scratch using the latest version of the Source engine.

The player is seen to use an iron sight for the .357 Magnum when zooming in to the enemy. I thought it looked cool but many others were quick to thumb it down. Apparently any game that uses iron sights suddenly has a relation to the Call of Duty franchise. Fans are not ready to associate Gordon Freeman with that series.

The second video below was posted by and contains gameplay footage from the ‘Surface Tension’ chapter. The quality of the video is pretty bad so you’ve been warned in advanced. Note that the music was added over the video, it’s not in-game music.

The initial goal of the volunteer development team was to recreate the ever green 1998 Half-Life game using the latest technologies of the Source engine. A Half-Life game on the newer Source engine would grant a more realistic gameplay with better environments and more challenging game elements.

The game has already been in development for eight years. Last year in June the development team upload eight screenshots to show the progress made. Today’s videos are the first glimpse of the game since then.

When asked about a possible release date the developers said:

We have always gone for a ‘when it’s done’ approach.