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Source Engine 2 Reference Found In Source Filmmaker Scripts

This all could very well be just a prank on Valve’s part or else it could be a major leak that might explain the delay to Half-Life 3.

Rummaging through the scripts of the Source Filmmaker, user Barnz from fan-site ValveTime has uncovered quite a few pieces of code that refer to a next-generation Source engine, tagged as Source 2.

Here’s one of those references, found on line 1387 from the Pastebin & file path: “…/SourceFilmmaker/game/sdktools/python/global/lib/site-packages/vproj/”):

”’Return an str with the current engine version.
If key doesn’t doesn’t exist, assume ‘Source’, otherwise invalid — assume next-gen ‘Source 2′.”’

Two things immediately pop up in our heads. Is Valve really working on a next generation Source engine and if that’s the reason for Half-Life 3’s delay?

Answer to the first question is still unknown since Valve has yet to comment on this find.

Secondly We all know that the Half-Life franchise is very dear to Valve. It would only make sense for them to wait it out for their Source 2 engine to complete and then bring fans a taste of next-generation Gordon Freeman.

However, this is only speculations which I would very much like to believe in. Do you think Gabe Newell planned this out all along for Half-Life 3? That they were just waiting for the Source 2 engine?