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Sony Trademarks ‘Rain’ Under Video Games

Sony is expected to announce two brand new games during their conference at GamesCom which begins in a couple of weeks.

All eyes are towards Sony for any kinds of hints for the upcoming revelations. Two weeks to go before the conference, SCEA has trademarked ‘Rain’ under video game software.

On reading that name our first thoughts go towards ‘Heavy Rain’. However, it would be rather bizarre for a sequel to come for that game two years later. Talks over the web point towards a brand new game and it’s most probably on the PS3. That, however, is not confirmed and only speculations. For all we know it’s another title coming to give Vita sales a boost.

The presence of Media Molecule has also been confirmed for the conference. Whether they will be releasing a new IP is yet to be known.

Sony’s Gamescom conference is on the 14th of August, this month.

Source. Playstation LifeStyle